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127 Hours

G:\Recorded TV\127 Hours_HBOZ_2011_09_20_13_42_00.wtv
After his arm becomes pinned by a boulder in a remote canyon, mountaineer Aron Ralston (James Franco) must do the unthinkable in order to survive.

30 Rock

It's Never Too Late for Now
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_02_17_21_57_00.wtv
Jenna tries to prove to Liz that love still exists; Jack has trouble negotiating his nanny's salary; Pete and Frank start a band.
TGS Hates Women
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_02_24_21_57_00.wtv
Liz tries to convince Angie to lure Tracy back home; Jack is embarrassed by the ``Queen of Jordan'' cameras; a former flame causes Frank to question his maturity.
Queen of Jordan
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_03_17_21_57_00.wtv
Liz tries to convince Angie to lure Tracy back home; Jack is embarrassed by the ``Queen of Jordan'' cameras; a former flame causes Frank to question his maturity.
Plan B
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_03_24_21_57_00.wtv
Liz tries to convince everyone that the show's hiatus is temporary; Jack turns to his nemesis, Devin Banks (Will Arnett), for help.
I Heart Connecticut
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_04_14_21_57_00.wtv
Liz and Kenneth try to track Tracy down; Jack helps Jenna with her new project; Pete challenges the writers and crew to a contest.
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_04_21_21_57_00.wtv
Hank wants to cancel ``TGS,'' but Jack persuades him to let the cast and crew prove themselves with their 100th episode; Jack starts to doubt a decision he made; Jenna considers motherhood.
Everything Sunny All the Time Always
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2011_04_28_22_27_00.wtv
Liz encounters an obstacle while trying to fix up her dream apartment; Jack must deal with a hostage situation; Tracy finds out Kenneth, Dotcom and Grizz got closer while he was away.
Dance Like Nobody's Watching
G:\Recorded TV\30 Rock_WHDH_2012_01_12_19_57_00.wtv
Jack questions the family value of the network's new talent competition; Tracy gets frustrated at his inability to upset Liz; Kenneth prepares for the Rapture.

A Beautiful Mind

G:\Recorded TV\A Beautiful Mind_HBOSIG_2011_01_18_21_27_00.wtv
Mathematics genius John Forbes Nash Jr. (Russell Crowe) has paranoid schizophrenia but becomes a Nobel laureate late in life.


G:\Recorded TV\Adaptation_HBOSIG_2011_09_19_16_12_00.wtv
A screenwriter (Nicolas Cage) asks his identical twin, who is in the same profession, for advice on a story about a serial killer.

American Graffiti

G:\Recorded TV\American Graffiti_HBOSIG_2011_01_17_07_57_00.wtv
Four teens in 1962 California get a final, nostalgic glimpse of innocence before facing their postgraduation lives.


Swiss Miss
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_01_27_21_57_00.wtv
In an attempt to secure funding for ISIS, Malory drags her agents to the luxury winter resort town of Gstaad to protect a Swiss billionaire's daughter from a kidnapping threat.
A Going Concern
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_02_03_21_57_00.wtv
Malory hatches a Ponzi scheme of her own and the ISIS employees must try to stop it.
Blood Test
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_02_10_21_57_00.wtv
Archer is in for a huge surprise when his favorite call girl shows up with a baby and a subpoena for a paternity test.
Pipeline Fever
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_02_17_21_57_00.wtv
Malory tries to make ISIS green; Archer and Lana head to the Louisiana bayous to prevent a dangerous eco-terrorist from bombing America's largest natural gas pipeline.
Double Deuce
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_02_24_21_57_00.wtv
When members of Woodhouse's famed WWI Royal Flying Corps squadron start dying mysteriously, Archer tries to track down the killer.
Tragical History
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_03_03_21_57_00.wtv
Cyril agrees to help George Spelvin inject a virus into the ISIS mainframe so Cyril can defeat the virus and be seen as a hero.
Movie Star
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_03_10_21_57_00.wtv
Hollywood actress Rona Thorne spends a week shadowing the agents at ISIS as research for an upcoming role in a spy movie.
Stage Two
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_03_17_21_57_00.wtv
After Malory's brief scare with breast cancer, Archer decides to be tested for the disease.
Placebo Effect
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_03_24_21_57_00.wtv
Archer discovers the chemotherapy drugs he's been taking are counterfeit and sets out to destroy the criminals behind the scheme.
El Secuestro
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_03_31_21_57_00.wtv
ISIS goes into full lockdown after Pam is abducted by kidnappers.
Jeu Monegasque
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_04_07_21_57_00.wtv
A mysterious stranger summons Malory and her intrepid ISIS agents to Monaco.
White Nights
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_04_14_21_57_00.wtv
Archer's search for his father's identity leads him into hot water; agent Barry Dylan is sent to rescue Archer.
Double Trouble
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_04_21_21_57_00.wtv
Suspicion and jealousy arise at ISIS as Krieger nears completion of a top secret project; Archer brings Katya Kazanova home to meet Malory.
Heart of Archness: Part I
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_09_15_22_29_00.wtv
Archer is finally tracked down in the South Pacific by handsome adventurer Rip Riley.
Heart of Archness: Part II
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_09_22_22_27_00.wtv
Archer deals with the trials and tribulations of being pirate king; ISIS remains semi-committed to Archer's rescue.
Heart of Archness: Part III
G:\Recorded TV\Archer_FX_2011_09_29_22_28_00.wtv
Archer and his fellow prisoners attempt to escape; Malory plays hardball for Archer's ransom.

Away We Go

G:\Recorded TV\Away We Go_HBOSIG_2010_11_01_13_12_00.wtv
An expectant couple (John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph) reconnect with old friends and relatives as they travel across America in search of a good place to settle down and raise their family.

Breaking Bad

G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_09_04_23_01_01.wtv
Skyler develops a solution for her money troubles; Hank enlists Walt to investigate a theory; Walt grows impatient with Jesse.
G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_09_11_21_57_00.wtv
Skyler's mistakes come back to haunt her; Gus takes action against his rivals; Jesse seeks Walt's help.
G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_09_18_21_57_00.wtv
Walt's family worries when he doesn't show up for Walt Jr's birthday; Jesse puts his lab skills to the test without Mr White's help.
Crawl Space
G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_09_25_21_57_00.wtv
Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret and Gus; Skyler's efforts to solve Ted's financial problems hit a wall.
End Times
G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_10_02_21_57_00.wtv
Hank pushes Gomez to pursue a lead; Walt struggles to protect his family; Jesse gets alarming news.
Face Off
G:\Recorded TV\Breaking Bad_AMC_2011_10_09_21_57_00.wtv
Walt and Jesse team up on Gus; Walt finds an unexpected ally with Saul's help.

Broken Arrow

G:\Recorded TV\Broken Arrow_AMC_2011_09_17_09_57_00.wtv
A lone frontiersman (James Stewart) risks his life to forge peace between Arizona settlers and Cochise's (Jeff Chandler) Apache nation.

Collateral Damage

G:\Recorded TV\Collateral Damage_HBOZ_2010_11_04_19_07_00.wtv
A Los Angeles firefighter (Arnold Schwarzenegger) travels to Colombia to find the terrorist who killed his wife and son.

Date Night

G:\Recorded TV\Date Night_HBOZ_2012_01_11_21_27_00.wtv
Mistaken identity creates an unforgettable adventure for two suburbanites (Steve Carell, Tina Fey) who were trying to invigorate their marriage with an evening at a bistro.

Despicable Me

G:\Recorded TV\Despicable Me_HBOC_2011_09_20_06_32_00.wtv
As he tries to execute a fiendish plot to steal the moon, a supervillain (Steve Carell) meets his match in three little orphan girls who want to make him their dad. Animated.

Family Guy

Seahorse Seashell Party
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_10_02_21_00_01.wtv
A storm hits Quahog, Stoolbend and Langley Falls; Brian consumes questionable substances in an attempt to calm his nerves; Meg loses it after the family takes one too many jabs at her.
Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_10_30_20_57_00.wtv
Quagmire's sister comes to Quahog to nurse him back to health when he is hospitalized, but he learns that she's the one in need of help.
Stewie Goes for a Drive
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_11_06_20_57_00.wtv
Actor Ryan Reynolds visits Quahog and becomes enamored with Peter; Stewie gets into trouble when he takes the family car for a drive.
Back to the Pilot
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_11_13_20_57_00.wtv
Brian and Stewie travel back to the pilot episode of the series to change history.
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_11_20_20_57_00.wtv
Lois invites the whole gang to Thanksgiving dinner; Joe's formerly MIA son returns from Iraq.
Amish Guy
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_11_27_20_57_00.wtv
When the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country, the family ends up crusading against conservative locals; Meg develops a crush on an Amish boy.
Cool Hand Peter
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_12_04_20_57_00.wtv
When Peter and the guys take a road trip to the Deep South, they wind up in jail; Lois and her friends partake in some childish antics.
Grumpy Old Man
G:\Recorded TV\Family Guy_WFXT_2011_12_11_20_57_00.wtv
After Lois' father falls asleep while driving, the family becomes concerned and decides to check out retirement communities in Florida.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

G:\Recorded TV\Fantastic Mr. Fox_HBOF_2010_12_07_01_12_00.wtv
After three nefarious farmers declare war on them, a sly fox (George Clooney) rallies his animal neighbors to fight back. Animated.

Fatal Attraction

G:\Recorded TV\Fatal Attraction_HBO2_2010_09_26_00_58_00.wtv
A New York lawyer (Michael Douglas) with a wife (Anne Archer) and daughter sleeps with a client (Glenn Close) whose lust turns to hate.

Fatal Instinct

G:\Recorded TV\Fatal Instinct_HBO_2012_01_13_07_42_00.wtv
A cheating wife (Kate Nelligan) plots the death of her policeman/lawyer husband (Armand Assante) to cash in on his insurance policy.


The Mutants Are Revolting
G:\Recorded TV\Futurama_COMEDY_2010_11_04_21_27_00.wtv
Leela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.
G:\Recorded TV\Futurama_COMEDY_2011_09_08_21_57_00.wtv
Anthology of Interest 1
G:\Recorded TV\Futurama_COMEDY_2011_09_08_22_30_01.wtv
When professor Farnsworth builds a ``what if'' machine, Fry and the crew find out what would happen if their wishes were fulfilled.
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
G:\Recorded TV\Futurama_COMEDY_2011_09_09_01_59_00.wtv
When Hermes goes on vacation, an attractive bureaucrat takes his place at Planet Express. Voices of Billy West, Katey Sagal, John Di Maggio, Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom. Guest voice: Nora Dunn.
30 Percent Iron Chef
G:\Recorded TV\Futurama_COMEDY_2011_09_09_16_18_00.wtv
Wanting to become a chef, Bender seeks mentoring from Helmut Spragel, formerly the world's greatest culinary artist.


G:\Recorded TV\Gattaca_HBOZ_2011_04_03_06_32_00.wtv
An outcast (Ethan Hawke) takes part in a complicated and perilous scheme to assume the identity of a genetically engineered citizen (Jude Law).

Get Him to the Greek

G:\Recorded TV\Get Him to the Greek_HBO_2011_10_29_23_27_00.wtv
A record-company employee (Jonah Hill) has just a few days to get a boozy British rock star (Russell Brand) to Hollywood for a big comeback concert.

He's Just Not That Into You

G:\Recorded TV\He's Just Not That Into You_HBO_2010_10_31_16_42_00.wtv
Friends and lovers try to navigate their way through the complexities of modern relationships, sometimes misconstruing the true intentions of the opposite sex.


Last Temptation
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_04_18_19_57_00.wtv
Masters must decide if she wants to be a surgeon or officially join House's team; a 16-year-old collapses days before embarking on a sailing tour of the globe.
Twenty Vicodin
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_10_03_20_57_00.wtv
House notices strange symptoms in a fellow inmate at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility; a clinic doctor must decide whether to risk her job by helping House.
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_10_10_20_57_00.wtv
An unexpected visitor offers House the chance to help the Princeton Plainsboro team with a patient; Wilson is unreceptive to House's attempts to reconnect.
Charity Case
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_10_17_20_57_00.wtv
When a man (Wentworth Miller) collapses after making a generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park try to identify his medical disorder; Thirteen's pursuit of happiness is hampered by feelings of guilt.
Risky Business
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_10_31_20_57_00.wtv
A businessman (Michael Nouri) becomes ill days before signing a contract that would relocate his company's labor force to China; Park prepares for her hearing with the hospital's disciplinary committee.
The Confession
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_11_07_20_57_00.wtv
A patient confesses dark secrets to his family and community, compromising his chances of receiving life-saving medical treatment; Chase and Taub rejoin the team; Taub struggles to balance work and fatherhood.
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_11_14_20_57_00.wtv
The team discovers a disturbing family secret while trying to find a bone marrow match for an ailing teen; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can go to a boxing match; Taub's ex-wife wants to move across the country with their daughter.
Dead & Buried
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_11_21_20_57_00.wtv
The team discovers its teenage patient isn't just being dramatic when her symptoms worsen; House becomes consumed with determining the cause of a 4-year-old's death; Park tries to get Chase to admit why he has become obsessed with grooming.
Perils of Paranoia
G:\Recorded TV\House_WFXT_2011_11_28_20_57_00.wtv
During an interrogation at the witness stand, a prosecutor has what he thinks is a heart attack; Wilson is determined to prove that House is hiding something; Park starts to come out of her shell.

Ice Age

G:\Recorded TV\Ice Age_HBO_2011_09_18_06_57_00.wtv
A woolly mammoth (Ray Romano), a saber-toothed tiger (Denis Leary) and a sloth (John Leguizamo) find a human baby and try to reunite him with his tribe. Animated.


G:\Recorded TV\Invictus_HBOSIG_2011_09_20_18_42_00.wtv
Following the fall of apartheid, Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) tries to unite his countrymen by supporting the South African rugby team's underdog bid for the 1995 World Cup Championship.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

G:\Recorded TV\It's Kind of a Funny Story_HBOSIG_2011_10_30_08_12_00.wtv
A depressed teenager (Keir Gilchrist) checks himself into a psychiatric facility and winds up in the adult ward, where a fellow patient (Zach Galifianakis) takes him under his wing.

Jennifer's Body

G:\Recorded TV\Jennifer's Body_HBO_2010_09_26_01_03_00.wtv
A beautiful cheerleader (Megan Fox) gains an insatiable appetite for human flesh after a hungry demon takes control of her body.

License to Drive

G:\Recorded TV\License to Drive_HBOC_2011_02_09_08_32_00.wtv
A teenager (Corey Haim) flunks his driving test but goes out anyway in his grandfather's 1972 blue Cadillac.

Love & Other Drugs

G:\Recorded TV\Love & Other Drugs_HBO_2011_10_30_01_25_00.wtv
A pharmaceutical salesman (Jake Gyllenhaal) begins a tempestuous romance with a free-spirited Parkinson's patient (Anne Hathaway).


The Bus
G:\Recorded TV\M-A-S-H_TVLAND_2011_01_16_19_57_00.wtv
The surgeons and Radar are stranded in a broken-down bus.


G:\Recorded TV\MacGruber_HBOZ_2011_03_23_03_32_00.wtv
After his sworn enemy steals a nuclear warhead, a clueless soldier-of-fortune (Will Forte) leads a skilled team on a mission to retrieve the device and bring the thief to justice.

Marley & Me

G:\Recorded TV\Marley & Me_HBOF_2011_03_23_16_57_00.wtv
Newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan (Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston) adopt a playful puppy named Marley, who soon grows into an incorrigible handful.


G:\Recorded TV\Megamind_HBO2_2011_09_18_20_00_02.wtv
An evil genius (Will Ferrell) must create a powerful new opponent after defeating his heroic nemesis leaves him without purpose. Animated.

Men in Black II

G:\Recorded TV\Men in Black II_HBOZ_2010_10_02_05_58_00.wtv
Two interstellar agents (Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith) try to stop an alien disguised as a lingerie model from destroying the world.

Mission: Impossible

G:\Recorded TV\Mission- Impossible_HBOZ_2011_01_17_17_02_00.wtv
Branded a traitor, an elite intelligence agent (Tom Cruise) investigates a failed Prague mission to retrieve a computer disk.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

G:\Recorded TV\Monty Python and the Holy Grail_IFC_2011_11_19_03_27_00.wtv
King Arthur (Graham Chapman) goes questing on a pretend horse, followed by his lackey clacking coconut shells.

Mr. Deeds

G:\Recorded TV\Mr. Deeds_HBO_2010_10_06_10_12_00.wtv
A television producer (Winona Ryder) tries to get the scoop on a small-town pizzeria owner (Adam Sandler) after he inherits $40 billion.

My Sister's Keeper

G:\Recorded TV\My Sister's Keeper_HBO_2010_10_02_06_05_00.wtv
A girl (Abigail Breslin) who was conceived as a marrow donor for her gravely ill sister goes to court to seek emancipation and prevent further harvesting of her body tissue.

National Lampoon's Animal House

G:\Recorded TV\National Lampoon's Animal House_HBOZ_2010_11_05_03_37_00.wtv
Bluto (John Belushi), Otter and the rowdy Deltas make fools of the dean and the square Omegas at 1962 Faber College.

National Lampoon's European Vacation

G:\Recorded TV\National Lampoon's European Vacation_HBOF_2011_04_02_20_42_00.wtv
The Chicago Griswolds (Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Hill) win a grand tour and head for the Old World to soak up culture.

Ninja Assassin

G:\Recorded TV\Ninja Assassin_HBO2_2011_01_15_00_00_00.wtv
A rogue (Rain) enlists the help of the Europol agent (Naomie Harris) whose life he saved to bring down the clan of hired killers who trained him as an assassin.

One Hour Photo

G:\Recorded TV\One Hour Photo_HBO_2011_03_23_01_57_00.wtv
Desperate and lonely, a photo developer (Robin Williams) obsesses over members (Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan) of a family that patronizes his booth in a department store.


Guess Who's Coming to Delhi
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_02_17_22_30_00.wtv
Todd tells his staff to be on their best behavior when his boss makes a surprise visit; Charlie is reprimanded for being culturally insensitive.
Take This Punjab and Shove It
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_02_24_22_30_00.wtv
After an employee quits, Todd is excited to hire someone new; Gupta must find a way to pay back a loan shark.
Todd's Holi War
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_03_17_22_30_01.wtv
Todd and his employees seek revenge when other people in the building sabotage their air conditioning during a heat wave; Rajiv plans a surprise for his girlfriend.
Gupta's Hit & Manmeet's Missus
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_03_24_22_30_00.wtv
Allegedly, Rajiv slaps Gupta, forcing Todd to get Human Resources involved; Manmeet asks Charlie to help him make a video for his American girlfriend.
Charlie Curries a Favor From Todd
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_04_07_22_27_00.wtv
When Charlie loses his job, Todd hires him; Rajiv tries to raise money for his honeymoon.
Mama Sutra
G:\Recorded TV\Outsourced_WHDH_2011_04_14_22_30_01.wtv
Todd discovers a secret about Tonya's mother; Madhuri starts reading palms at the call center.

Patriot Games

G:\Recorded TV\Patriot Games_HBOSIG_2010_10_05_17_57_00.wtv
An IRA terrorist vows revenge against the ex-CIA agent (Harrison Ford) who killed the man's brother and thwarted an attack on royalty.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

G:\Recorded TV\Paul Blart- Mall Cop_ABCF_2011_11_19_21_57_00.wtv
When crooks shut down a suburban New Jersey shopping mall, a security officer (Kevin James) must find his inner policeman to save the day.

Pirate Radio

G:\Recorded TV\Pirate Radio_HBO2_2011_01_13_23_47_00.wtv
In 1966 a young man joins a host of rock-music DJs at his godfather's (Bill Nighy) pirate radio station in the North Sea.


G:\Recorded TV\Psycho_HBOSIG_2011_04_03_02_27_00.wtv
A woman (Janet Leigh) on the run stops at a 12-cabin motel with showers, run by mother-fixated Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).


G:\Recorded TV\Robocop_TNT_2011_09_18_01_57_00.wtv
Scientists use the mangled remains of a dead police officer to create the ultimate crime-fighter -- an indestructible cyborg.

Saturday Night Fever

G:\Recorded TV\Saturday Night Fever_HBOSIG_2011_02_08_17_12_00.wtv
A Brooklyn paint-store clerk (John Travolta) dons a white suit and becomes king of the dance floor at his local disco.

Saturday Night Live

The Best of Christopher Walken
G:\Recorded TV\Saturday Night Live_VH1_2010_12_02_19_57_00.wtv
A compilation of performances and skits features actor Christopher Walken.


The Wife
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_25_16_28_00.wtv
A girlfriend (Courteney Cox) poses as Jerry's wife so he can get a dry-cleaning discount.
The Fire
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_25_17_00_00.wtv
A kitchen fire makes George confront his cowardliness; guests Melanie Chartoff, Dom Irrera.
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_27_18_28_00.wtv
Friends living in Manhattan obsess over little things.
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_27_18_58_00.wtv
Friends living in Manhattan obsess over little things.
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_28_18_28_00.wtv
Friends living in Manhattan obsess over little things.
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_TBS_2010_09_28_18_58_00.wtv
Friends living in Manhattan obsess over little things.
The Doll
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_24_23_28_00.wtv
One of Susan's dolls looks like George's mother; Kramer turns pool shark; guest Kathy Griffin.
The Baby Shower
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_26_23_28_00.wtv
Kramer persuades Jerry to get illegal cable service; guest Christine Dunford.
The Jacket
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_27_19_00_00.wtv
Jerry loves an expensive suede jacket until he buys it.
The Calzone
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_27_23_28_00.wtv
George becomes his boss's pet when he shares a delicious calzone with him.
The Chinese Restaurant
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_28_19_00_01.wtv
Jerry, Elaine and George need reservations at a Chinese restaurant.
The Invitations
G:\Recorded TV\Seinfeld_WFXT_2010_09_28_23_28_00.wtv
George searches for a way to stop his impending nuptials; guests Janeane Garofalo, Stephen Root, George Steinbrenner.

Sleepless in Seattle

G:\Recorded TV\Sleepless in Seattle_WE_2012_01_11_22_27_00.wtv
A recently engaged newswoman (Meg Ryan) becomes obsessed with meeting a grieving widower (Tom Hanks) she heard on a late-night radio call-in show.


G:\Recorded TV\Sneakers_HBO_2011_01_17_06_57_00.wtv
An ex-'60s-radical computer hacker (Robert Redford) and his company are tapped for a shady black-box job.


G:\Recorded TV\Spider-Man_HBO2_2010_09_26_05_58_00.wtv
Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) uses his superhuman powers to battle his archenemy, the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe).

Spider-Man 2

G:\Recorded TV\Spider-Man 2_HBOZ_2010_10_02_09_13_00.wtv
Tormented Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) battles a sinister scientist who uses mechanical tentacles for destructive purposes.

Super Troopers

G:\Recorded TV\Super Troopers_HBOZ_2010_11_06_07_42_00.wtv
Five state troopers (Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme) try to stop a group of drug dealers in order to save their careers.

Terminator Salvation

G:\Recorded TV\Terminator Salvation_HBO2_2011_01_20_17_57_00.wtv
As the machines prepare for a final attack, John Connor (Christian Bale) and a mysterious stranger (Sam Worthington) delve into the heart of Skynet and uncover a terrible secret involving the annihilation of mankind.

The Chase

G:\Recorded TV\The Chase_HBOC_2011_01_12_06_57_00.wtv
An escaped convict (Charlie Sheen) kidnaps an heiress (Kristy Swanson), then steers her BMW for Mexico with police close behind.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

G:\Recorded TV\The Chronicles of Narnia- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader_HBOSIG_2012_01_12_13_27_00.wtv
Returning to Narnia -- this time through a painting -- Lucy (Georgie Henley), Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and their cousin join King Caspian (Ben Barnes) on a mission to find the lost Lords of Telmar.

The Cleveland Show

Fat and Wet
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2010_11_21_20_30_00.wtv
Ashamed of how they look in swimsuits, Cleveland Jr. and Kendra feel left out when the family spends an afternoon in the pool and petition for equal rights for people who are overweight.
Another Bad Thanksgiving
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2010_11_28_20_30_00.wtv
Cleveland is upset when Donna's bossy sister (Niecy Nash) and her unruly children visit for Thanksgiving.
Murray Christmas; Beer Walk!
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2010_12_05_20_30_00.wtv
Rallo learns about Hanukkah when his teacher forces him to spend the weekend at a retirement home; Cleveland prepares for a boxing match against his father; after Donna is injured, Cleveland is forced to take over the housework.
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_01_16_21_30_00.wtv
After Cleveland criticizes her parenting skills, Donna lets him deal with Roberta by himself; Cleveland lets Roberta throw a house party.
Like a Boss
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_01_23_21_27_00.wtv
Tim becomes consumed with power after accepting a management position at Waterman Cable; Rallo uses the class pet turtle to play tricks on Cleveland.
A Short Story and a Tall Tale
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_02_13_21_30_00.wtv
Donna and Cleveland score court-side seats to an all-star basketball game; Rallo makes a new friend.
Terry Unmarried
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_02_20_21_30_00.wtv
When Cleveland discovers that he and his wife are not married and that his best friend, Terry, is gay and in a relationship, they all decide to go to Vermont for a double wedding; Cleveland Jr. tries to get Rallo to break a nasty habit.
The Blue, the Gray and the Brown
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_03_06_21_27_00.wtv
When Cleveland's efforts to save the town's drive-in movie theater are noticed by the Stoolbend Preservation Society, he is invited to a private dinner where he learns about the town's legacy.
The Way the Cookie Crumbles
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_03_13_21_27_00.wtv
Cleveland discovers his parents have been selling his belongings because they lost their life savings to a scam artist; Rallo gets a toy microphone.
To Live and Die in Va.
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_03_20_21_30_00.wtv
Lester appears to take his own life after losing his life savings; Rallo opens his own barbershop.
The Essence of Cleveland
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_04_03_21_27_00.wtv
Donna becomes extremely jealous when Cleveland is reunited with a former high school classmate who is now thin and beautiful.
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_04_10_21_30_00.wtv
Cleveland and his friends get ready to enter Stoolbend's annual boat race; Cleveland is thrilled when his celebrity idol moves to town.
Back to Cool
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_04_17_21_30_00.wtv
Cleveland becomes jealous when Cleveland Jr. bonds with Donna's ex-husband, Robert.
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_09_25_20_30_01.wtv
Upset that his friend was in town and didn't call, Cleveland takes his other pals on a camping trip hosted by wrestler Ric Flair.
The Hurricane
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_10_02_20_27_00.wtv
A storm hits Stoolbend, Langley Falls and Quahog; Cleveland Jr. makes a shocking proclamation.
Nightmare on Grace Street
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_10_30_21_30_00.wtv
When Cleveland and Rallo leave their slumber parties in fear, Donna makes them stay overnight at a haunted house; Cleveland's new friend goes on a murderous rampage; Roberta is in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf.
A General Thanksgiving Episode
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_11_20_19_27_00.wtv
Rallo invites Holt's father (Will Arnett) to Thanksgiving dinner, but his good intentions only worsen Holt's family relations; Cleveland tries to open a bar at the airport.
Yemen Party
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_11_27_19_27_00.wtv
Cleveland infiltrates a women's support group after Donna joins and starts complaining about how he treats her; Rallo and Cleveland Jr. try to stop a playground bully.
Sex and the Biddy
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_12_04_21_30_00.wtv
Rallo is suspicious when his elderly friend Murray gets a new girlfriend (Kathryn Joosten); Donna signs Cleveland up for the gym.
Die Semi-Hard
G:\Recorded TV\The Cleveland Show_WFXT_2011_12_11_19_27_00.wtv
While posing in a Nativity scene, Cleveland tells the family his version of ``Die Hard,'' one of his favorite holiday tales.

The Fourth Kind

G:\Recorded TV\The Fourth Kind_HBO2_2011_01_11_22_27_00.wtv
During videotaped sessions with her patients, a psychologist (Milla Jovovich) in Alaska uncovers disturbing evidence of alien abductions.

The Good Girl

G:\Recorded TV\The Good Girl_HBOSIG_2011_04_02_22_57_00.wtv
A small-town Texas wife (Jennifer Aniston) who wants more out of life becomes infatuated with a new co-worker (Jake Gyllenhaal) who acts like Holden Caulfield of ``The Catcher in the Rye.''

The Good Guys

The Whistleblower
G:\Recorded TV\The Good Guys_WFXT_2010_10_29_20_57_00.wtv
Dan and Jack discover a deadly criminal conspiracy while investigating an inspection report at a corrupt oil company.
The Getaway
G:\Recorded TV\The Good Guys_WFXT_2010_11_12_20_57_00.wtv
Jack and Liz go away for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast, but Jack becomes suspicious of the owner's unusual curiosity.
G:\Recorded TV\The Good Guys_WFXT_2010_11_19_20_57_00.wtv
While following up on a stolen truck investigation, Jack and Dan uncover a major heist involving a shipment of high-profile diamonds; Dan discovers that Jack is interviewing for a position on an elite police unit.
Cop Killer
G:\Recorded TV\The Good Guys_WFXT_2010_12_03_20_57_00.wtv
A merciless internal affairs investigator reopens a case that leads to the release of a vengeful and deadly gang.
G:\Recorded TV\The Good Guys_WFXT_2010_12_10_20_57_00.wtv
George Gluck (Chris Klein), assistant chief of the department and Jack's former partner, shows up when one of Liz's informants is murdered.

The Invention of Lying

G:\Recorded TV\The Invention of Lying_HBOZ_2010_10_01_00_23_00.wtv
In a world where falsehood is unknown, a luckless writer (Ricky Gervais) develops the ability to lie and uses his newfound skill for personal gain.

The Manchurian Candidate

G:\Recorded TV\The Manchurian Candidate_HBOSIG_2011_01_14_09_00_01.wtv
A Korean War hero's (Laurence Harvey) commanding officer (Frank Sinatra) discovers he and his platoon were brainwashed.

The Office

Threat Level Midnight
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_02_17_20_57_00.wtv
After 11 years of preparation, Michael is ready to debut his action movie.
Todd Packer
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_02_24_20_57_00.wtv
Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman Todd Packer comes to the office looking for a desk job; Andy fights Pam for a new computer.
Garage Sale
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_03_24_20_57_00.wtv
Michael decides to ask Holly to marry him; the office has a garage sale.
Training Day
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_04_14_20_57_00.wtv
Everyone hopes to make good first impressions with the new manager, Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell).
Michael's Last Dundies
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_04_21_20_57_00.wtv
Michael teaches Deangelo (Will Ferrell) how to host the Dundie Awards; Erin struggles with her feelings for Gabe.
Goodbye, Michael
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_04_28_20_57_00.wtv
Michael wants a drama-free day to say goodbye to his friends; Deangelo and Andy work to keep Michael's most-important clients.
The List
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_09_22_20_57_00.wtv
The staff go into frantic speculation after accidentally discovering a list of their names in a notebook belonging to the mysterious new CEO.
The Incentive
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_09_29_20_57_00.wtv
Robert challenges the office to double their sales; Pam finds an unlikely pregnancy friend.
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_10_06_20_57_00.wtv
After the warehouse employees win the lottery and quit their jobs, everyone in the office fantasizes about winning big; Darryl and Andy look for new warehouse workers.
Garden Party
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_10_13_20_57_00.wtv
When Andy decides to throw a garden party at Schrute Farms to impress Robert, Dwight researches how to be a good host; Andy's family makes him feel self conscious.
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_10_27_20_57_00.wtv
Erin tries to put on a Halloween party that will please both Andy and Robert California; Jim and Pam fight about the existence of ghosts; Dwight bonds with Robert California's son.
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_11_03_20_57_00.wtv
Dwight installs a device in the office that will get everyone fired if they make too many errors.
Pam's Replacement
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_11_10_20_57_00.wtv
Pam teams up with Dwight to prove that Jim thinks her temporary replacement is pretty; Robert California asks to join Andy, Darryl and Kevin's band.
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_11_17_20_57_00.wtv
Andy tries to motivate the staff by taking them on a field trip to Gettysburg; Robert asks those who stay behind to come up with the company's next big idea.
Mrs. California
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_12_01_20_57_00.wtv
Robert California brings his wife (Maura Tierney) into the office to find her a job; Dwight opens a gym in the building.
Christmas Wishes
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2011_12_08_20_57_00.wtv
Andy tries to make holiday wishes come true; Robert decides to drown his sorrows at the office party.
G:\Recorded TV\The Office_WHDH_2012_01_12_20_57_00.wtv
Andy gets the office involved in a trivia contest; Dwight explores job opportunities at Sabre headquarters.

The Phantom of the Opera

G:\Recorded TV\The Phantom of the Opera_HBO_2012_01_12_14_42_00.wtv
A mysterious masked figure (Gerard Butler) nurtures a talented singer (Emmy Rossum), but becomes jealous when she finds romance with another man (Patrick Wilson).

The Simpsons

The Fight Before Christmas
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2010_12_05_19_57_00.wtv
When the rest of the family seems to lack Christmas spirit, Marge contacts Martha Clause (Martha Stewart).
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2010_12_07_19_27_00.wtv
Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_09_22_19_27_12.wtv
Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.
The Falcon and the D'Ohman
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_09_25_19_57_00.wtv
Homer befriends a new security guard at the plant; Marge daydreams about being a contestant on ``Top Chef.''
Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_10_02_20_01_36.wtv
When superintendent Chalmers is fired for taking Bart and his friends on an unauthorized field trip, the boys old the school hostage until he is reinstated.
Treehouse of Horrors XXII
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_10_30_19_57_00.wtv
A boulder traps Homer's arm when he takes a drive through a canyon; a spider bite paralyzes Homer; Flanders becomes a vigilante by night; Bart and Milhouse travel to a distant planet to obtain an extract.
Replaceable You
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_11_06_19_57_00.wtv
Lisa's science fair project is overshadowed by Bart's mechanical baby seal; Homer's new assistant ends up stealing his job.
The Food Wife
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_11_13_19_57_00.wtv
Marge, Bart and Lisa start their own food blog and land a reservation at a popular restaurant; when Marge sends Homer to a cooking lab, he finds himself in a situation with law enforcement.
The Book Job
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_11_20_20_00_00.wtv
Homer creates a team, including author Neil Gaiman, to write the next hit ``tween'' book; after receiving an advance copy of the work from his publisher, Homer learns there's more to the business than he imagined.
The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_11_27_20_00_01.wtv
The Simpsons host a party to promote Krusty's own brand of liquor; impressed with the party's sucess, Mr. Burns decides to promote Homer; Bart takes an interest in reading classic novels.
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_12_04_19_57_00.wtv
After Krusty the Clown's show is canceled and his talent agency drops him, his very first agent, Annie (Joan Rivers), tries to craft his comeback.
Holidays of Future Passed
G:\Recorded TV\The Simpsons_WFXT_2011_12_11_20_00_02.wtv
Thirty years in the future, Bart, Lisa and their children spend the holidays at Marge and Homer's house.

The Town

G:\Recorded TV\The Town_HBOZ_2011_09_21_20_27_00.wtv
A Boston bank robber (Ben Affleck) looks for a way out of his criminal lifestyle after beginning a passionate romance with the woman (Rebecca Hall) that his gang briefly took hostage.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

G:\Recorded TV\Wall Street- Money Never Sleeps_HBOSIG_2011_09_15_22_12_00.wtv
Following a long prison term for insider trading, master manipulator Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) keeps his real motives hidden when he forges an alliance with his daughter's fiancé (Shia LaBeouf).


G:\Recorded TV\WarGames_HBOSIG_2011_09_19_07_57_00.wtv
A teen (Matthew Broderick) taps his computer into the NORAD missile-defense system and plays a video game, ``Global Thermonuclear War.''

Wedding Crashers

G:\Recorded TV\Wedding Crashers_TBS_2011_09_18_17_27_00.wtv
Two divorce mediators (Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn) spend a wild weekend partying with a politician (Christopher Walken) and his eccentric family.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_09_29_00_28_00.wtv
``Weird Newscasters''; ``Song Styles''; ``Hats''; ``Slow Motion Sportscasters''; ``Songs of the Mechanic'' ``Surgery Hoedown.''
Show 119
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_09_29_23_58_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Song Styles''; ``Newsflash''; ``Going Bald Hoedown.''
Show 120
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_09_30_00_30_00.wtv
``Questions Only''; ``Song Styles''; ``Weird Newscasters''; ``Giving Birth Hoedown.''
Show 121
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_01_00_00_00.wtv
``Superheroes''; ``Weird Newscasters''; ``Props''; ``Greatest Hits''; ``Helping Hands.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_01_00_30_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Film Dub''; ``Three-Headed Broadway Star''; ``Film, TV & Theater Styles''; ``World's Worst.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_01_23_58_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Superheroes''; ``The Ballad of ...''; ``If You Know What I Mean''; ``Greatest Hits''; ``90-Second Alphabet.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_02_00_30_00.wtv
Co-anchor seeks attention; Tina Turner-type serenades Army man; three-headed Broadway star; gambling hoedown.
Show 204
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_04_23_58_00.wtv
``Superheroes''; ``Song Styles''; ``Newsflash''; ``Questionable Impressions''; ``Dating Service Video''; ``Three-Headed Broadway Star.''
Show 205
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_05_00_30_01.wtv
``Weird Newscasters''; ``Scenes From a Hat''; ``Party Quirks''; ``Drinking Hoedown.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_05_23_57_00.wtv
``Weird Newscasters''; ``Songs of the Exterminator''; ``Scenes From a Hat''; ``Village People Hoedown.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_06_00_30_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Song Styles''; ``Scene to Rap''; ``Weird Newscasters''; hoedown song about movie-theater ushers.
Show 208
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_06_23_57_00.wtv
``Weird Newscasters''; ``Duet''; ``Party Quirks''; ``Scenes From a Hat''; ``Cable Company Hoedown.''
Show 209
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_07_00_30_01.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``3-Headed Broadway Star''; ``Props''; ``Sit, Stand, Lie'': ``Songs of the Dentist''; ``Car Salesman Hoedown.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_07_23_57_06.wtv
``Weird Newscasters''; ``Questionable Impressions''; ``Scenes From a Hat''; ``Whose Line''; ``Three-Headed Broadway Star''; ``Hoedown About Puberty.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_08_00_27_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Props''; ``Song Styles''; ``Party Quirks''; ``Three-Headed Broadway Star''; ``Cops Show Hoedown.''
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_08_23_57_00.wtv
``Let's Make a Date''; ``Props''; ``Sound Effects''; Josie and Wayne sing a rock-opera duet.
G:\Recorded TV\Whose Line Is It Anyway-_ABCF_2010_10_09_00_30_00.wtv
``Superheroes''; ``Film, TV & Theater Styles''; ``Props''; ``Do the Toothbrush''; ``The Millionaire Show''; ``Family Reunion Hoedown.''

Young Frankenstein

G:\Recorded TV\Young Frankenstein_HBOC_2010_11_05_06_12_00.wtv
Absurd Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) visits the family castle in Transylvania and makes a monster (Peter Boyle).

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